Finger Splint for Trigger Finger


Finger Splint

  • Product NO: FS-OS-11
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  •  Finger Splint Available in US Amazon,Canada Amazon,Japan Amazon, Ebay USA, Ebay UK.
  •  No Neoprene,No Latex, hypo-allergenic, Inside brace is made by quick dry yarn. 24 hour comfort fit
  • Finger Splint is made by 3D breathable, soft touch, elastic Patented OK-spacer fabric. Inside brace is made by quick dry yarn. OK-Spacer Fabric is made by polyester and elastic yarns.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports to protect finger including golf, tennis , badminton, volleyball, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, skating, fishing, cricket, cycling, yoga, gymnastics, pilates, lifting and martial art.
  • Ideal for Trigger Finger ,repetitive strain injuries (RSI), acute and chronic finger injury protection and recovery.
  • One size fits most with adjustable design, fits every finger of both hands, Machine Washable

Finger splint is made by patented elastic knitted spacer Fabric which have much more breathable and moisture wicking than Neoprene or PU foam. Not like most of tubular knitted fabric have the latex content and allergy problem. Spacer fabric is latex free and hypo-allergenic. Elastic spacer fabric is much more expensive and comfortable than non-elastic spacer fabric. We choice elastic spacer fabric to meet the customer’s need. The criteria to judge a good material for sporting & Medical braces are elastic, enough compression, comfortable, breathable, durable, no allergy, easy care, and additional added on functions. Our OK-Spacer Fabric can meet all these criteria and should be one of the best material for the sporting & Medical Braces.